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Get in touch

FNB Private Wealth's Philanthropy Centre experts will work with you to accomplish maximum impact with your social investment, in order to attain your philanthropy goals.

Call: 087 736 5905

Individuals - Your philanthropy vision

Establishing a private foundation trust is one way in which families can create a lasting legacy. We will help you set up a private foundation trust and ensure compliance with all necessary regulatory and legislative requirements.

What is important is to see your gratuitous giving benefitting both the communities and the causes that you seek to support through a structured social investment and achieving your philanthropy objectives well into the future.

We will assist you to apply for the relevant tax exemptions and registration as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO).

  • Facilitate registration and setup
  • Tax exemption applications

We can serve as the operational office for the administration of your foundation trust, identify and approve causes/organisations and monitor and report on the utilisation of the grants/donations.

Organisations - Measurable impact

We work with you to optimise your giving.

For Public Benefit Organisations (PBO's)

We assist existing Public Benefit Organisations (PBO's) to comply with relevant legislative requirements. We can serve as the operational office for the administration of your public benefit activities, identify and approve causes and Non- Profit organisations, monitor and report on the utilisation of the grants/donations. All approved causes and NPO's will undergo the necessary due diligence process.

For Non-profit Organisations (NPO's)

We also work with Non-Profit organisations in fulfilling their public benefit activities. A Non-Profit Organisation can be associations, charities, corporates, and other voluntary organisations formed to further public service objectives. We assist these organisations to comply with relevant legislative requirements including tax exemptions approval. We assist them in identifying and matching donors. We work with the NPO's to monitor and report on the utilisation of the grants/ donations.

CSI - Social impact

South African companies are playing a significant role in the societal transformation through their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives. CSI encompasses projects that are external to the normal business activities of a company\ and are not for purposes of increasing company profit. Having a Socio-Economic Development (SED) structure enable CSI initiatives to be more effective and impactful. A company's funding of Corporate Foundations trust will qualify for SED points, distributions to beneficiaries can only be made after careful consideration and due diligence of the intended beneficiaries.

These projects are developmental in nature and utilise company resources to benefit and uplift communities. We assist corporates who have existing CSI programmes or who want to set up such structures with, effective administration, governance, facilitated due diligence of beneficiaries and approval, monitoring and reporting.

Set up

Our team of experts at Private Whealth's Philanthrophy Centre offer the following service:

  • Legal structural guidance and specialist services in relation to tax exemption information and drawing up founding documentation
  • Registration of an appropriate entity
  • Tax exemption applications (registration as a PBO and/or in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act)
  • Open bank accounts
  • Investment and Wealth Management specifically geared towards ensuring the sustainability of your organisation.

Financial investment

Through our fund and wealth management specialist we will optimise donor capital ensuring that the short-term liquidity of organisation and long-term capital growth is achieved, by:

  • Ongoing Fund and investment management
  • Tailored Investment solutions
  • Investment monitoring and reporting

Due diligence

  • Beneficiary sourcing and research
  • Beneficiary review and due diligence checks
  • Impact monitoring and evaluation
  • Grant administration
  • Advice on best practice and governance

Relationship management

  • Single point of contact for foundation for all third party relations
  • All funding requests received and screened with recommendations to the board/trustees/committees


  • Provision of independent professional trustees
  • Facilitate and keep minutes
  • Drafting of resolutions
  • Accounting
  • Tax returns preparation and submissions
  • Bank account management
  • Attend to all payments
  • Monitoring

Philanthropy Centre

Helping you make a difference

Philanthropy is not about giving money, but about solving problems.



We are bound by the belief that together we can make a difference - for our clients, for society and for the future. This extends to our philosophy centre, providing you with a structure and co-ordinated mechanism, supported by expert advise and management, through which you can donate to causes you are passionate about.

Change means taking action

Getting involved and taking action is the critical part. This is where strategy, impact and vision blend.

Where does your vision !t in?


Taking action leads to results

Our Philanthropy Centre's team of experts can ensure results. They are equipped to set up, manage and maintain your philanthropic goals. Here is a bit more information on the service we offer.

Set up

From drafting the legal documentation to registering the entity, we have it all covered.

Read more

Financial investment

Need to optimise donor capital or require help with fund management?

Read more

Due diligence

We do the sourcing and research of beneficiaries. Advising on best practice is also part of the offer.

Read more

Relationship management

We'll communicate with third parties and screen requests.

Read more


We provide end-to-end administration services.

Read more


Results turn into stories of hope

Stories of success indicate that our philanthropic endeavours are thriving. We believe finding the right partner can make the difference, transform our society, and ultimately tell the success stories.

FNB Private Wealth's Philanthropy Centre experts will work in partnership with you, ensuring that your foundation is effectively administered to achieve maximum results

Philanthropy Centre

Make a difference