Payment Reversals Process


If you have submitted an EFT payment incorrectly and the transaction has already been debited from your account and processed into the recipient's account, follow the Payment Reversal process below to have the transaction reversed.



  1. Complete the Payment Reversal Request Form in full.  

  2. This form must be completed in full and signed by the account holder/mandated representative.

  3. The completed form must be e-mailed to ‘

  4. You will receive an automated response with a reference number for the reversal request.

  5. For enquiries, or if you do not receive a reference number for your submission within 15 (fifteen) minutes, please contact the number on the back of your bank card for assistance.




Where you believe a fraudulent transaction has taken place, the transaction must rather be reported to the bank’s fraud department. To proceed with reporting the transaction with the bank’s Fraud Department contact the bank immediately on 087 575 9444.



Fraud Requirements

You will be required to submit the following information/documentation to the bank’s Fraud Department:

  • Account number of the complainant

  • Suspected fraudulent account details

  • SAPS case details

  • An Affidavit

  • Supporting documents (Proof of Payment)




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